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Animating Camera3rd [Cam3] in 3dsmax.


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I've been wondering how to do this in 3d studio max for a while. Anytime I'd move and set a keyframe for Camera3rd [Cam3], it would mess up in game. Then i found out you have to specify a parameter in FNIS!!!




b -ac myanim123 myanim123.hkx


ac animated camera (all animation types except "ofa" and "aa") -> This parameter allows for animations which control the camera with the "Camera3rd [Cam3]" bone. From FNIS documentation v5.1


Now in third person I can control where the 3rd person camera is!  Make sure to add the -ac parameter, I had no idea I had to do that!


Now, if only we could control the position of the 1st person camera too :(


I'm wondering if I could make a generic 1st person animation like this:





Then just:

;bring first person camera down to the position where the sneak 1st person camera usually is
debug.sendanimationevent(game.getplayer(), "1stperson_cameralevel_crouch")

;bring first person camera down to the floor
debug.sendanimationevent(game.getplayer(), "1stperson_cameralevel_prone")
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