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I figured I'd take a look around and see if there were any mods that had fairytales that tied into Skyrim and I'm a bit disappointed. Granted there are a lot of great mods out there to pick from and some very creative people within the Skyrim modding community. So I suppose this is a request for a mod.


I'd like to see some make their way into the game such as Rapunzel. Skyrim is full of towers afterall be it connected to a fortress inhabited by bandits or a guard tower (that you happen to meet your first dragon at). Specifically adding Rapunzel into the mix would be pretty cool to see since it's a story that begins as she gets out of the tower. Live Another Life comes to mind as a perfect platform to launch the Rapunzel or other Fairytale alternate start. If someone decides to take this up and run with it please don't stop with just the beginning add some specific quest(s) along the way to really add to the story. For instance the mod - Become High King of Skyrim - comes to mind since Rapunzel meets a prince and she could help him become the high king of skyrim by either encouraging the princes father to make him heir to the throne upon his death or incapacitation as king. Or poisioning the Princes father and other brothers to ensure his rightful place as king. Another possible way would be seducing his father and fufilling his desires to perswade him make his son the king. Which of course the king would be a devious if you get my drift.


Mods that could be helpful into tieing it all together would be Sanguines Debauchery to keep Rapunzel in the tower until the witch is satisfied in some way to either let her out or Rapunzel escapes with the help of the prince or on her own. Devious Devices because well all kings are a little devious, right? Become High King of Skyrim I'm sure could be modded with the modders permission to save a lot of time. Live Another Life obviously. I'd like to see darkconsole join in since they are the leading expert in making things grow and overall modohalic which I think everyone is greatful for (seriously great mods). The long hair might be a bit tricky but would look seriously cool with Physics applied. Something that long with physics would probably break Skyrim so hard it'd become Oblivion but I'm sure some creative modders could find a work around. Stationary hair around the room with only enough Physic based hair to move around the room could save a lot of headache then when it's wrapped around the hook it switches from laying around the room to hanging down to the ground. Perhaps Rapunzel already has chastity devices applied by the witch to ensure she's not being bad.


Maybe some other quests for Rapunzel would include finding out who her parents were or still are depending on if they are alive or dead. Perhaps she hates the witch that locked her up in the tower and slaying her is Rapunzels ultimate revenge or forgiveness is found depending on the player. Of course this is Skyrim after all and Rapunzel would surly be a Dragonborn so perhaps thats why the witch stole her away from her parents so she could use her to become the Wicked Queen of all of Tamriel or just Skyrim if the player chooses to remain loyal to the witch. The obvious line would have to be included "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair." Of course when the player hears that they can let down their hair or just flip them the bird so they go away lol. I'm sure the community can come up with several creative ideas for the mod (if it gets made) that I haven't even considered. It doesn't have to be an epic mod just an alternate start that sits you in a tower you have to get out of would be plenty sufficiant for my imagination to run with.


Other fairytales would include:

Jack and the beanstalk - fairly simple to implement since giants already exist in Skyrim

Snow White and the 7 dwemer or falmer.


Little Red Riding Hood maybe as long as she's a bit older (teens or so) Or about the same age and just runs around as a little kid murdering people (sounds more like a Steven King book)

Alice in SkyrimLand don't forget the hookah :P

and others that pertain to about the same time period.


If you like the mod please share your thoughts, hopes, dreams or other ideas to let everyone know if it's something you'd be interested in the more that post the more likely it's going to be seen and made by one of the awesome modders here. I picked Rapunzel because it's not as popular as some of the other fairytale storys out there but would work well within the skyrim world. I like the idea of Rapunzel becoming the center of attention in comparison with other more popular fairytales and I have a hair fetish but mainly the other stuff... lol


Thanks for your attention and time I look forward to reading everyones comments.

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Ok man, you got a great idea here, I'm no modder and can't do shit (scripting perhaps as I know how to code), but as I see, rapunzel's hair would be extremely difficult to achieve, as it's really really huge, maybe something like this one should be easier (without the flowers):







As it's just a hair mod, maybe already available somewhere, but for me the best one for skyrim should be Alice in Wonderland, It's really fitting in the atmosphere that skyrim gives, and I think some things like growing and shrinking would be easy to do,  and you already have rabbits, queens and almost everything already done, maybe the cards would be troublesome, but I cannot help more than just discussing, I'm waiting for my legendary copy to arrive, and when it gets here maybe I'll try my hand at one of these.

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Thanks, yeah I have some hair mods mainly Apachi Skyhair which has a really good selection of high quality hair styles. I figured that would be the hardest obstacle with it. As far as keeping it after the tower I'd say it's pretty much impossible not to mention moving around with that would be really tricky in a dungeon expecially the one that has the rotating circles with door cut outs lol talk about getting your hair pulled. In the opening though It may be possible for a person more clever than I. I suppose I could get the dialog started on the opening quest since that's something I enjoy doing and would save someone that doesn't like that some time and grind.


I agree Alice in Wonderland would be a pretty interesting start and provide ample oppertunities for those that love to add quests to Skyrim. I'd definatly like to see it added. I really haven't given that one to much thought since I was just poping them off the top of my head. The getting giant and tiny would be interesting expecially takeing out a dragon as a tiny person lol. I'll work on some dialog for this as well it will be slow going since I have a full time job and it's about summer time but I'll keep you updated and if you give scripting a try I'll look into firing up blender again 3D models are something I've done a few of in the past so I should at least be able to make the tower for Rapunzel and furniture items for Alice but any sort of textures and detailed 3D models we'll need someone else for. I'd wager I can make the card guys in a few hours and pull some textures and modify them in less than a week since they will be mainly flat. Animation on the other had is tricky I've done some but I don't have the know how to make anything 3 dimentinal move in any way shape or form. I think blender has some decent options for animations so I can look on youtube for some tutorials and come up with some basic stuff to build off of but learning and building causes some pretty slow turn around when you don't have much time anyway.


Thanks again for the feedback and I'll keep an eye out. If you want to try to tag team this if scripting comes naturally to you and something you enjoy doing let me know and we can get something going.

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After a bit of thought I think that would be pretty cool as well. It would be neat to have a white/dark Knight beginning. Which has a story where you'd start laying on an abandoned battlefield bloody and beaten but not at deaths door just yet. When you come around you wouldn't remember who you are just glimpes of a life that seems like a distant dream that comes back in bits and pieces through your playthrough. The battlefield would be looted and most warriors stripped of their gear except two sets of heavily damaged armor a white set and black set the player can choose which is tied to different Kingdoms. After putting them on the player would get a quest to find the nearest town which wouldn't be to hard if someone knew their way around skyrim. After reaching it the townsfolk shun the player and throw rocks at them and eventually try to kill the player. As the player stubbles away from the town shocked they meet someone that offers to help them. The person helping the player would then lead them to a cave hidden in some mountains that has a forge and some other essentials to help the player get started and repair the armor and upgrade it as time goes on. Each hold would have a reputation meter that improves or gets worse depending on the player actions. Long story short as you complete quests for skyrim new quests become available that would eventually lead into a Royal messenger finding you and informing you your a prince of whatever Kingdom the armor belonged to that the player picked. White would be Imperials and Black would be Stormcloaks. Then from their the story would progress but basically since the imperials don't have a King you'd be the successor but contested by Elisif who you politicaly have to overcome or kill/marry. For certain purposes we'll call her the players stepmother which is better than her actually being the players mother for those that would like to marry Elisif lol. While thats going on the player can then the player can go out and rescue damsels in distress (ie Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, Alice and so on). Which would open up options to marry them and each one has certain benefits they bring from being married to them so it could be a tactical decision or just a preferance over one or the other. Eventually you would gain favor or fear and become King of Skyrim which could lead into other challanges you must overcome.


For those that wanted to play a female they would start out as Rapunzel or another damsiel depending on the players choice. So this could be a pretty massive overhaul to Skyrim which would be fun and shake things up a bit although lore would be considered I don't think every aspect of The Elder Scrolls or Fairtale lore could be appeased with such a Mod. Alice would be a bit of a problem to add in this one if the modder wanted to stick close to the story of Alice and add creatures and lore of Alice to Skyrim (to me it seems like a lot of work since there are a lot of creatures and very discriptive characters which would cause a lot of artwork to be created and placed in the game). Although an alternate way to do it would be to create some sort of Dwemer machine that "abducts" Alice and brings her into the world of Skyrim where she must end Skyrims power struggle. The basic idea would be to add fairytale characters into the world of skyrim and add some aspects and quests to make each choice a differant experiance depending on who the player chooses to play through as but ultimatly it would be a unique experiance which is loosly tied to fairytale character. Snow White would be pretty cool since she could be frozen in time from an old Dwemer machine then when she wakes up she has to escape the Dwemer ruin she's been stuck in for a very long time. Snow White could in the land of Skyrim be a Snow Elf which would be awesome. I mean seriously the options there would be fantastic. She could have the ability to calm the falmer or eventually tame them to fight with her and bring Snow Elves back into the world of Skyrim and with the armies of falmer conquer it. The possibilities are pretty staggering. Anyway I'm going to end it there for now and it's something to think about.


Thanks for the input and opening my mind up a bit on the subject.

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@Camelcrush I see your intentions and they are honorable, but a mod this big would take years even with a team behind, I'm not saying it's not possible, but it's hard to put it to flow, I must confess I just put thought in the Alice's part as it's the one I think it would be easier, but putting things on the table:


I think this one is a nice reference to work:







This one started working on something similar to what you want:



This mod have a lot of things to use:



Now for the story, I guess first you should create a proof of concept mod, something like a dungeon with no story attached, just the things scripted, like growing, changing clothes, and some place holders to interact, if the scripts are working, release a WIP so more people can test, after that you could put the things right.


Furthermore I added you as friend, I know some things about blender and 3D animations as well, just never had something to work with, if you want to discuss I find it better to do it here since more people can interact.

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Fantastic thanks for the links! My initial thoughts were the same. It's a huge undertaking and going to take a lot of time however with all the mods out there now I feel if some are willing to allow the use of their mods and allow some modification to those mods it should progress quite quickly I think. The problem I'm going to run into is the same as Origamiboy. I don't personally have the skills to take the idea and make it myself.  So for now I'm going to reach out on nexus and see if there are some skilled folks out there that can help on the harder areas of creating a mod like this. I'll also reach out to some of the modders who have related mods or useful items and see if I can get permission to use some of their stuff in this mod. I think the key to success in this is to take small steps like you said. How do you devour an elephant one bite at a time. So first things first gather support and get people interested and I don't think it will be increadibly difficult as this seems like it could be a popular theme within a community such as this.


I also think this should be a two parter mod. The original being a vanilla friendly version without adult content and the second part released on Loverlab with the adult content and make the original a requirment. This way it can bring in a broader crowd thats not into the adult stuff in skyrim.


I'm not to keen on bringing a bunch of stuff from Alice into Skyrim though. The main reason being depending on how you interpret the story of Alice, Skyrim itsself has the elements of Alice in it (dragons, giants, weird creatures, kingdoms fighting and so forth.) I feel it should be loosly based on Alice to provide more options of adding in other Fairytale characters. A very good example of this is the movie Into the Woods. This movie puts Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack in the bean Stalk, and Little red riding hood in the same story and it works out fantastically. I'm not against adding some aspects of Alice to make the world a bit more diverse and help bring Alice into the world of Skyrim. That being said I'd like to know your thoughts on the idea of not make it exactly like Alice in Wonderland or if it really needs to have a dramatic make over to make it very similar or exact to the story of Alice. Personally I want add twists to it so people have an idea of whats coming but are taken by surprise when it's a unique story. Let me know what you think.


I'm not completely against finding other forms of commuication mainly voice in case one of us needs help with something or to check before adding something. It's something to think about later on though when things are moving farther than just discussing it.


Edit: I just looked into the permissions for Into the Rabbit Hole and seems like the uploader is ok with people using resources from it. 

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I've never seen the movie Into the Woods,, but It would be a great base to work on, and I just told about Alice because I see that as an already resourceful area to start on, but I'm fine with every other option too, the only downside I can see is to gather people, if you look around the great modders they usually work alone or in pairs, never saw a team delivering anything grand, because the grand masters of modding are usually with theirs schedules at full, but hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take right? 


But first, I guess the story behind the mod would be necessary to gather anyone, if you have a solid idea with dialogues and plot already sorted out it would be easier to get help, as of now all that is here are the ideas, the discussion, but not a conclusion per se.


So first of all, what is the idea you want to pursue?

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I suppose right now I would like to pursue the easier alternate start quest which would probably be Alice or Snow White. Alice could be started in an empty room with a table and shrinking potion and the rabbit hopping through a small door. Snow White would be pretty similar but in a dwemer ruin. Then as time allows add more detail to the rooms and perhaps animated intros for them. I'll start with writing some dialog for Alice and see where that leads. It shouldn't be to difficult to get a starting story going. Next would be creating a room I suppose. If your ready to give it a go we can get a rough draft together what would you like to start on?

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