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[Wip] Alice In Wonderland Mod[Help Needed!]

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So out of my obsession for allthings alice I decided on collecting a bunch of mods to create one big massive mod, along with adding my own terrain, npcs, and structures, and buildings.

So far I have

-Alices Clothes (loli alice UNP but works with CBBE too)

-Vorpal Knife (Vorpal Blade Mod on steamcommunity)

-The House with the two bottles
    -working shrink and grow potions
    -A little door in the corner that leads to the tea party

-Tea party area (duplication of the sanguine quest cell)
    -Mad Hatter ( with tophat, wabbajack, sheogorath clothing and follower dialouge)
    -Mr Rabbit (with follower dialouge)
    -Cheshire Cat (basically a khajit with a purple skin tone, and follower dialouge)

    - Forest leading up to Tweedle Dee(follower dialouge) and Tweedle Dum(Follower Dialouge)
    - A beautiful rose garden(sanguine Roses mushrooms(morrowind and blackreach))
    - 4 gates on the edges of the garden
        (From Left to Right)
        1. To the Giant Chessboard
        2. The Road to queens castle
        3. A small town
        4. A little mountain with arena inside (still working on this need scripters)

-Queens Castle
    - Small maze made of mini pine trees, couldnt find hedgebushes.
    - Vorpal Sword in the middle of the Garden
    - Queen of hearts boss (High Elf with wedding dress, leather boots, and circlet.)
    - Soldiers, couldnt find any card soldiers need people to make them

-Giant Chessboard
    - View of the Ocean
    - Jaberwocky
    - More Soldiers
    - short Spiral staircase tower with a small treasure chest up top
-A Small town
    - A Dodo bird (Chicken couldnt find dodo bird)
            - Is also Vendor
    - A Bar (duplication of bannered mare
            - Some followers according to Alice in wonderland book
            - Alice's Sister
            - Gryphon(Flame atronach)
            - Mock Turtle (argonian with ninja turtle shell)
            - Dor Mouse(Skeever)
            - Caterpillar (Chaurus, couldnt find caterpillar)
            - A few others





































- A dodo bird model

- Card soldier models

- Queen of Hearts decorations for the castle

- Throw-able playing card weapon like a Queen of Hearts Card or a Jack of Spades Card

- A fancier little mushroom house town (over existing town) (feel free to expand worldspace)


- Someone to fix fasttravel of my worldspace and interiors because my follower cant go so far even though its all navmeshed...

- Jaberwocky to be disabled until you start the queens quest, also make him stay at the tower by the chessboard, I also need it to not fly through the ground (its just weird)

- Quest makers to make the following:

    -A beginning sequence where the rabbit says im late im late im very very late and hops towards the tea party

    -A find the teacups(10) quest and Interesting dialogue, rewards being the wabbajack and him as a follower.

    -Interesting dialogue for the cheshire cat him giving you hints on how to progress.

    -Find the keys to open each of the doors to the garden. The main door will be open, you will have to find the first key in the garden itself that key

    opens the door to the left which is the giant chessboard, once you defeat all of the soldiers you will find a key on one of their corpses, go back to

the garden walk straight until you get to the mini town gate, open that door talk to the citizens(who tell you about the bar) and enter the bar.

    -Once you enter the wonderland bar Have the queens soldiers arrest you and have you talk to the queen ,

    -After you talk to the queen you will have two options.

            -Kill the Jaberwocky and gain your freedom be the queen's thane also a house and get some treasure,

            - or Kill the queen(and all of her soldiers) and gain the kingdom and her soldiers.

- Dungeon Makers and Scripters

    -one small creative dungeon with an arena that has unlimited spawning of an npcs list (FLST) on a one time activator

    -leveled chests


Please help me make this a dream come true, I've already done alot of work so far but i need help and i know I'm not the only one who wants this.

I will upload the files once i get some people willing to help, whoever helps will be given full credit for their portion of the mod, and listed as one of the co-creators of this mod. And you will also have a badass fun mod to play.


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Psh bro, I got 8k views of my wip page and 13k d/l where ppl are forced to watch the end vid, and about 9k more views on various forums, and still most of the help is shit I solicited

Welcome to modding, either do it yourself or aggressively pursue the other lazy rat bastards who have skills you dont, few hundred views don't mean shit

Sorry to be a debbie downer but you want something done right do it yourself or badger the poor fucks who can help

Asking for shotgun help I have now found doesn't work to well unless you have a something sturdy to threaten them with bludgeoning

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wow, awesome idea! i dig alice much much as well, hope u'll get to the finish line, tho i'm no help myself in anything u listed xsad.png.pagespeed.ic.nW56hUVS2R.png (will think about chessire cat at least)

don't despair, will keep my fingers crossed for ya 24/7!

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I have a bunch of Alice: Madness Returns armor in a pile to convert. Maybe I can get around to doing it. But what version of Alice are you working on? Alice's Adventures In Wonderland? Through the Looking Glass? Disney's Alice? Tim Burton's Alice? American McGee's Alice? A blender mash up of all them? Is alice based on Disney blond alice or real-life Alice Liddel's brunette?

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First let me say very cool idea, and I assume it is basically going to be a DLC type mod with it's own loads you go to.


If I was able to mod yet I would be happy to help. Sadly I still find CK makes my eyes cross and for graphic stuff I struggle with stick figures.


So the best I can do for now is offer you my encouragement and bump the thread for more exposure.


Best of luck, hope you get it going, would love to try it.

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i'd say mcgee's execution is the most suitable for skyrim mod as well. it fits action-based approach the best, which i guess any game must have. not sure how could burton's alice look be translated into a game, except perhaps for a really rich environments. or do u want to re-use burton's element of conspiracy against the queen?


as for alice's appearance - although i totally love tenniel's illustrations from the original, and that's how i basically imagine most of the wonderland scenes in my mind, i'd say alice herself is more convincing as a heroine as mcgee's brunette. so your screenshots do invoke a lot of familiarity and immersion.


wonderland vs the looking glass - looking glass has so many chars fitting as NPCs or opponents that it shouldn't be omitted imo. and the best thing is that there is no exact established portrayal of jabberwocky himself (mcgee vs tenniel & terry gilliam), so u have complete freedom and perhaps that's were burton can come into play - not burton's alice, but burton generally - with his grotesquely prolonged thin creatures

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I like burtons environments and atmoshpere. As well as architecture. But I like the storyline grit and gothiness of mcgees alice as well as the dark fantasy elements. I guess you could say I like burtons dark fantasy elements as well. His portrayal of the chessboard war, the landscape surrounding the queens castle in particular is astounding

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To be honest DDProductions83 is right. It's nearly impossible to get help online.

There are many people loving this mod, including me but we simply can't do shit to help. Even if we try it'd take a lot of time and the result may not even be acceptable. So unless you can make a team (I suggest asking on other big mod forums too) you'll have to oversome everything all by yourself. I'm really sorry :( Best wishes to you, I hope this mod can come true.



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Well and to glom onto that remark

I tend to say "We" and "we're" a lot in my posts but to be fair 95+% of the work is being done by me personally. I have people available for resource help IE Information, and a few dungeons have been granted to me to use and I have one guy churning out amazing dungeons every so often. But due to the nature of how the ESP's work, most in game work needs to be done by you and you alone. While it is possible to merge from one esp to another it requires some finesse in cases of quests actors and the like. 


I have already volunteered to help as a resource and honestly to anyone who wants walkthroughs in almost anything on the CK I am more than willing to screen share on Skype and generally anything anyone needs done I probably have somewhere to work on that in DIscworld.

I do this not because I'm all that great as a person but because no fuckers were ever doing it when I started modding and I almost blew my brains out (Figuratively of course, I'd kill someone else first to blow off steam) trying to learn this crap from the shitty ass tutorials with no one to pose real questions to. It's no skin of my ass, and honestly I went from trim work in houses to doing this shit so it ain't that hard :P  Just the resources to tell you how to do most of it are absolute garbich and then when you ask for help most of the people who try talk gibberish and don't know how to explain anything. 




Giggidy CK sucks

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