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  1. Hey man! love all the mods you do and all the good work everyone on this site does. I recently tried to load my game with all your mods and they no longer work...did i miss an update?

  2. We might not be the Easter bunny but we bring you a gift today! The game was released a day earlier since steam finally accepted our build and page! Those that already have the game on Itch just need to update the version, the others can check it out here: Steam / Itch.io Hope to see some of you there! Have fun and happy Holidays!
  3. @Hagar1987 Added on the index!
  4. Hagar, can you edit this post and put the download link here as well? Easier for me to include in the index :)
  5. Just post here, I'll edit the index and include your link
  6. Index updated, added this mod:
  7. Good job buddy! Added to the index!
  8. I've downloaded every mod personally and they just edit game files, they are not executable in any form, I think your AV is just overly paranoid, or it's just pointing an "alteration" of game files as a virus. But to check you can always submit the files to virustotal before running.
  9. Midnight Ride Serena ended up all alone in the middle of nowhere... in the dead of the night. Can you get her home unmolested? Story While coming home from a Party, Serena had a fight with her boyfriend, leaving her alone and stranded on the side of the road. To top it all off, it was the middle of the night. Stuck, with no other way to get home, she needs to put her trust in complete strangers, and hope that she makes the right choices. Some will be innocent and some will just want her to think that they are. Not falling for their deceit is the only way for Serena to get home safely. Gameplay The game is guided completely by the decisions made during the night. Serena can choose any of the rides that stop, each one having its own risks, rewards and endings. With 7 different endings, almost 700 renders and more than 10 thousand words the game has many paths to be explored and conquered. Features You can replay any path and decision you discovered by selecting it on the Roadmap in the Extras menu. Visit the Gallery in the Extras menu to check out all the scenes you unlocked during your gameplay. Can you find them all? The text speed and auto delay can be adjusted in the Settings menu. Use the Skip/Auto button in-game to automatically advance the dialogue without clicking each time or hold down CTRL for the same effect. Disclaimer All digital characters depicted in this game are 18+ Serena acabou sozinha no meio do nada... e no meio da noite. Você consegue fazê-la chegar em casa sem ser molestada? Story Enquanto voltava pra casa de uma festa, Serena acabou brigando com seu namorado, que a deixou sozinha e abandonada na beira da estrada. Pra piorar a situação, isso aconteceu no meio da noite. Sem nenhuma outra forma de chegar em casa, ela precisa confiar em completos estranhos, e torcer para tomar as decisões corretas. Alguns serão inocentes enquanto outros vão tentar fingir que são. Não cair nas artimanhas é a única maneira para a Serena chegar em casa sã e salva. Gameplay O jogo é guiado por completo pelas decisões tomadas durante a noite. Serena pode escolher qualquer carona que parar, cada uma contendo seus próprios riscos, recompensas e finais. Com 7 finais diferentes, quase 700 imagens renderizadas e mais de 10 mil palavras o jogo possui muitos caminhos para serem explorados e conquistados. Recursos Você pode jogar novamente qualquer rota ou decisão que você descobriu selecionando o Mapa da Estrada no menu de Extras. Visite a Galeria no menu Extras para ver todas as cenas desbloqueadas durante o seu jogo. Consegue liberar todas? A velocidade de texto e o atraso automático podem ser ajustados no menu de Configurações. Use o botão de Avançar/Automático no jogo para automaticamente avançar o diálogo sem precisar clicar, ou segure CTRL para ter o mesmo efeito. Aviso Todos os personagens representados no jogo são maiores de 18. Serena ist nachts ganz alleine irgendwo im Nirgendwo gestrandet. Schaffst du es, sie unbehelligt nach Hause zu bringen? Handlung Während der Heimfahrt von einer Party hat Serena einen Streit mit ihrem Freund, wodurch sie am Ende auf der Straße landet. Wäre das nicht schon schlimm genug, ist es auch noch mitten in der Nacht. Gestrandet und ohne andere Möglichkeiten nach Hause zu kommen, muss Serena sich wildfremden Menschen anvertrauen und die richtige Wahl treffen. Einige von ihnen sind harmlos, doch andere wiederum erwecken nur den Anschein, es gut mit ihr zu meinen. Um unbeschadet nach Hause zu kommen, muss sie die richtigen Entscheidungen treffen. Spielverlauf Der Spielverlauf wird komplett von den jeweiligen Entscheidungen gesteuert. Serena kann zwischen allen Mitfahrangeboten wählen, jedes Angebot kommt mit eigenen Risiken, Belohnungen und Endungen. Mit 7 verschiedenen Enden, knapp 700 hochqualitativen Bildern und über 10.000 Wörtern bietet dieses Spiel viele Entdeckungsmöglichkeiten. Besonderheiten Alle entdeckten Routen und Entscheidungsmöglichkeiten können über den Routenplan im Menü Extras wiederholt werden. Das Album im Menü Extras zeigt die freigeschalteten Szenen. Schon alle gefunden? Die Textgeschwindigkeit und automatische Verzögerung kann im Menü Optionen angepasst werden. Mit der Skip/Auto Schaltfläche kann das Spiel automatisch fortlaufen ohne immer wieder klicken zu müssen. Die Taste STRG hat die gleiche Funktion. Hinweis Alle dargestellten digitalen Personen sind 18+ Download: play the FREE HTML5 version on itch.io https://nidma.itch.io/midnight-ride Or buy it on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1210110/Midnight_Ride/ Previews The Team: Horny NPC Games Idea and Story: Archast Coding: Panda Penguin Games Lead Artist: Celtic1138
  10. Index updated! Sorry about the late update, I was not home these last days.
  11. I'm answering these with a pretty limited experience, others here are far better suited than me, but putting that aside. 1. Modding xcom is a pain in the ass, just the tools are a 100gb download (for wotc), and for vanilla is another 60gb (not sure on this one), so if you want a mod to both version you have to make them work on 2 diff tools, and with 2 diff ways of doing, maps are diff, textures are in diff place... it's a pain, doable but a pain nonetheless. 2. Animations are another major block, it can be done but you need to know some diff 3D techniques, like rigging and modeling. On top of that you need to import the skeletons and make them work with your model, with much care since a single bone can make anims bonkers. The entire process is not well documented and while some modders got success on that regard no sex anims were done so far. So in summary, modding xcom is a bit complex, more complex than skyrim for example, it IS doable and anyone can learn (I did, so you can do it too), is just needs patience and time.
  12. I completely forgot about that, thank you! Added your name on the changelog as well for the reminder
  13. It is, but there aren't any new mods for me to put up there... And I think I've updated everything to the latest version, just let me know if you guys find something odd.
  14. Just came to check how the things were going, good to see you're still updating the list frequently seelenoede, good job and thank you!
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