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skse suddenly stopped working

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Hi,  I am not very good at computer things but has been a while since I started using mods. 

I use SKSE and it was working yesterday, installed this mod  www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50445/? using NMM and now skse doesn't work at all: it just goes black screen and a message saying "skyrim.exe has stopped working" 

Uninstalled the mod using NMM but the problem continues, I can launch skyrim from steam but obviously this causes some mods to not work. 

I have no idea and I am getting to the point of throwing something out the window from frustation because going back to vanilla and start modding again is a real pain in my laptop :c



I would really appreciate if someone could tell me if this has a fix that isn't going all back to zero. 

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NMM is the past and is mostly used by modders who create mods, for someone who just uses mods id recommend mod organizer this way if u need to start over u can just delete all of the files and or mod organizer and u will go back to vanilla skyrim (anything thats in skyrim folder will ofc still be there).

everythings in your skyrim folder 'NMM only organizes them but it still in ur skyrim data folder) so if u cant find the problem u have no choice but to restart from scratch and i recommend these:

Mod organizer, (keeps skyrim data folder clean and locates mod in virtual data folder indtead) look it up u may like it alot more then NMM

Loot, better then boss

SKSE, ofc

WRYE BASH, to patch mods

TES 5 EDIT, a must have for anyone modding skyrim


I know this aint helping u much but i have no idea how a clothing mod could cause a problem with skse.. If u need help learning mod organizer just message me ill help u. Sorry cant be of much help :/


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