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Specific settings to increase performance when near many NPC's?


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I think I finally have a stable game and all the mods I want to do a playthrough, but I found that in cities my FPS is dipping well below 30, and spiking down to like 18. I 99% positive that it has to do with having many npc/actors in 1 area.


For instance I can turn on SSAO in ENB and receive no performance loss in cities, or crank up AA, etc... And out in the wild or in small towns I never go below 30, and with my card I am quite happy to just play the game at a stable 30 FPS.


Does anyone know any specific Skyrimpref/ini or mods that deal with lag caused by having many npcs in one area? 

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In skyrim launcher u could try lowering actor view distance in advanced settings.. Skyrim is a cpu intensive game so, with a low quality cpu u cant do much, but see if that helps. I know of no other way on top of my head to help with lowering cpu usage so u can gain fps def if its cause of npcs. Sorry hope this helps GL HF!

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Ya its an AMD 6 core with 3.8 clock, I hear people with 4.2 clock on nice i5 still have problems with bottleneck in cities.


I assume you are talking about this setting?




It was at 15, I will try it at 10 and see if I notice any increase. Also going to try and increase the memory usage in SKSE and SSME by +256 for each value. 


also maybe these settings are CPU intensive? But I don't know how exactly they would effect lag in cities


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