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Need some help for my final character creation !


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( Hi, this is my first post here :3 )

I know there's a lot of topic about that, but i'll need your help guys !


I've try to create my character based on this topic: ( type on google: Hotpantsbikini ) i talk about the first picture

( And about that, if someone know a mod with the same clothes, i'll appreciate ! )


So, there's my 2 questions:

Can someone help about my creation, i search face presets about this picture, i've try to re-create the same on my skyrim, but i'm really bad at character creation lel ( idk what mod this hair is, but if someone have the answer.. )

There's the other question: Can i have the same body effect & shape with CBBE & TBBP ?


If someone know how to help me about that, i'll appreciate that :3


See y'a !


(= French people don't know how to speak english :3 )

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