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Problems updating ZaZ to 6.04


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So I realized I was using the wrong version of ZaZ after using a few mods; I was using the 6.00 instead of 6.04 version - mainly noticed because one of my mods kept yelling at me that I had the wrong version of ZaZ installed.  No problem then, I'll just download the new version, use MO to remove the old one and add the new one, run FNIS again to make another compilation mod, and be done!


Except... that's not quite how it works for me.  When I run FNIS again after removing 6.0 and adding 6.04, I get a ton of "missing animation" errors from FNIS.  If I have both mods up and running, FNIS only tells me it's loading from the 6.0.3 version of ZAZ, and loading the game up still tells me I have the wrong version of ZaZ.  The only thing I can think of is 6.04 is listed as a "patch" instead of a full release, so I need to somehow combine the two, but there's no instructions how to do so in the readme, and I'd rather not try doing it and do it wrong and mess up my game.


Any help?

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6.04 is indeed a patch. You need to install it over the top of 6.00, not instead of it. And don't forget the texture pack, too. If you're using MO it's a simple case of adding the patch in as a new mod and making sure it's beneath Zaz 6.00 & textures in your priorities list, so 6.04 overwrites 6.00, then run FNIS.


(If you want to be neat and just have the one mod installed in MO, you can open each of them up by right clicking and selecting "open in explorer" then copy/paste everything except the meta.ini file from 6.04 into 6.00, then you're free to delete the 6.04 patch. I did this, dropping the textures into 6.00, then the 6.04 patch in and renaming the complete mod 6.04.)


I can't check at the moment, but I'm pretty sure I also get FNIS listing v6.04 as v6.03 but in-game the Zaz MCM shows 6.04 and all mods work with it as they should.


Is there a specific mod that's telling you it's the wrong version?

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