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body skin malfunction


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I am currently using a 7base body and for some odd reason, when i wear certain types of armor that show clevage or under boob, the areolas and nipples stretch down from the normal position. I have tried reinstalling the skeleton and body and even skin textures, but nothing seems to change it. Any ideas on what causes it or how to fix it?


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that armor is a 7base conversion so it's supposed to fit. I have a few others as well that are 7base and they do the same thing. I don't know if it's a skeleton thing or a skin texture, or if it had to do with the custom races. the skeleton I have tried using the most recent xpms skeleton and the older ones. the skin texture I have used realistic girls and sg textures. for the race I have choosen the lunari race and I did download the mod that makes that race 7base.

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