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Oh do you guys happen to know the proper overclocking way for a GTX 750 ti?

I wen't with Palit GTX750 ti StormX Dual Fan OC Edition

Specs :


Graphics Clock Base Clock : 1202MHz / Boost Clock : 1281MHz

Memory Clock 3004MHz (DDR 6008MHz)


My GPU (specs tab is below)



In afterburner what should i set core voltage, power limit, core clock, memory clock, and fan speed to.

In a topic I read the person set voltage power and fan to max then +194 to core and +557 to memory, and the system super boosted games to add extra 10-15fps but didn't have any instability effect to the gpu and computer, temp only raised to 177W and the fan didn't even made noise at full speed.




another topic i read, the person added 250mhz on both core clock and memory clock and it still went so smooth.


So my question is what is the optimal and smoothest yet visible improvement overclock settings for my card?

I have tested stock 1080p with Shadow of Mordor + HD Resolution DLC ultra settings (required 6gb vid memory) but still went like 35-41 fps, although the loading times went like 2min before i can play


thank you very much

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First: Don't expect to gain 10 - 15 fps through overclocking. With a high end game on extreme settings it's highly unlikely to gain that amount of extra fps.


Second: It always depends on the card you're using, what settings you can "safely" use. The main problem here is the voltage of the gpu, THAT is the setting that can potentially fry your card.


I don't know your card and I haven't overclocked a graphics card in a few years, so that I would recommend, to use a Overclocking forum to get an idea of what's possible with your card.

The card you have is most certainly designed in a different way than the Asus card you posted a screenshot of and while it's an interesting hint, it's not necessarily adaptable to your card, since manufacturers tend to use different components and board layouts, so the overclocking potential tends to differ greatly, especially with already overclocked custom cards.

In addition to that you're limited by the power design of your card, I quickly checked and saw, that it only uses the PCI-e Slot as a power supply which effectively limits the cards to a consumption of 75W.


Anyway, check this out: http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/palit_geforce_gtx_750_ti_stormx_dual_review,22.html


I think that's your card and you can see what to expect as a gain in certain games by overclocking, it's not really much (1 fps in Bioshock Infinite, 3 in Tomb Raider, both @1080p) and what settings you can target.

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