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How to spawn my custom created outfit through console

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I think you need to add it with Creation Kit so that the outfit appears in-game. I'm sorry, but I don't really know HOW to do that.

Maybe this works for you: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Creating_an_armour_for_Skyrim._Part_1

And the part that seems to be what you might be looking for: http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Creating_an_armour_for_Skyrim._Part_2#Add_the_armour_to_the_game

Hope this helps! :)

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I have just created and build my first outfit in bodyslide, but I can't find anywhere info on how to spawn it though console or make it craftable in game. I presume I have to write a code for this, but I have no idea how.


Appreciate any help!

 When you creat new armor/clothes in CK and want add it in game with console just hit ~ ArmorName and hit enter this will show you item id for that armor then just ~  player.additem  yourarmor id 

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