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CTD during Thieve's Guild quest


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I'm getting a repeatable CTD during the thieve's guild quest "hard answers." It seems to occur after I leave calcelmo's muesum/lab and the crash happens as the game tries to autosave (changing cells, waiting or fast travel).


papyrus log and load order are attached.


Most of it is armor mods, but I have

FNIS + spells + creature

Sexlab, SL matchmaker, SL cumshot, SL Aroused

More Nasty Critters

Interior Fog remover


Realistic Ragdolls and XPMSE 2.50

DD, DDx, males, and for the masses

SOS all addins and UNP

Fuz Ro Doh

hdt physics, hdt high heels

Skyrim Beautiful Followers

Amazing follower tweaks (bug was present before this mod was installed)

Blush when Aroused

Brawl bugs patch

Complete Crafting Overhaul, Smithing Perks Overhaul, Weapons and armor fixes

Draenei custom race (which my character is not using)

Immersive first person

JContainers, SL apropos


Unofficial Skyrim Patch (all DLC and Vanilla)





Looking at the papyrus, I see the message "VM is Freezing/frozen/thawed" a lot. perhaps that may be the culprit, but I do not know if that is a mod or settings issue. I am not using an ENB and my save was cleaned using a cleaner.




I supose I could just skip the quest, but I would like to find the underlying problem in case it causes bigger problems down the road.

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