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Newb here Newb problem please help :(


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So I'm new to pc gaming (Just got my 1st pc game SkyrimLE) but I'm adept with computers.

I was doing Gophers tutorial I got LOOT SKSE & NMM but no mods so far...to the point I tried making my Character but when I wanted to name Her No Words Typed up but the space bar works fine (as well as my HP's keyboard) I also loaded Skyrim thru SKSE loader & I wanted to check my version to confirm my SKSE is running but Still Same issue no Words would type


(I fiddled with my keyboard & a few letters typed but not in the order I randomly typed & it was just like 4 letters)


Any solutions?

~ thanks (:

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I'm not sure I understand the question.


If you're trying to name your character then change it later just type whatever you want to start and then (later) press the ~ key and type "showracemenu". The beginning race menu will pop up again and you can name your character a different name.


I'd recommend downloading race menu a while. Not only do some mods rely on it, but it gives you a LOT of customization options when starting a new character.


Also, if you have a 360 controller plugged in and are trying to use the keyboard/etc it won't register. If you have the controller plugged in it's either the keyboard or the controller, not both.

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