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Changing the glow from Draconic Bloodline


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So, first of all, it's about the Draconic Bloodline armour, even more precisely about the red glow on the skirt from the Blood Robe:


Due to the nice fact that the skirt is an additional armour part it makes it possible to combine it with other sets. The only problem is that it needs to be adjusted to the rest of the set, and that's what I currently try to do. The glowing shown here is red, I try to change it into purple though. Unfortunately there isn't really anything in the files (neither texture nor mesh) that explains where the colour itself actually comes from. The glow texutre only defines the area of the glowing, so the glow has to come from somewhere else. Nothing in there is remotely red though.

So my question, obviously, is if anyone got an idea how to solve the riddle of the not so obvious source of the red glow.

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Look at line 17 on the BSLightingShaderProperty of the skirt. The emissive color, which is currently red in the .nif, is what determines the glow color.

Note, I only looked at BloodSkirt03_1.nif.

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