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Characters very far apart and animations incongruous

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I'm not sure what I must have installed or did, but I guess at some point in time I noticed that my sex animations were happening with the characters ridiculously far apart from one another (like 7 feet, so too much to manually fix or to have manually broken.)  And often they aren't even animations that make sense. One character will be thrusting as though he's getting a boobjob while the other will be doing a handjob animation.


Does anyone know how I messed this up? Or how to fix it? 



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Animation settings are the default sexlab ones, or from extra mods if you are using other mods that install animations.


I really have no idea what would cause your problem. You could trying running FNIS again to reregister the animations and see if that helps. Failing that reinstalling sexlab would be my next suggestion.

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