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Beta Testers wanted, Smash my host


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Hi Ll folks,

I have been lurking here for one too many years...I forget. I am not much of a modder, I use my few strengths to help out.

So here's me asking for your help and giving you something in return. I need beta testers from LL to test and feedback my simple web hosting service. Basically you drop stuff and share it in forums or wherever. It's minimal, free of swanky web 2.0 glitter for now. Works like DropBox but far fewer features.



1. Flash Player (it may be possible to use without flash so please test)

2. Space left blank


Simple steps

1. Sign up is opened for a few days so go here http://beta.3ezy.net and "Register"

2. Sign up is simple, no social stuff here. Seems like folks hate it. Once you verify email, login and let the system present itself.

3. Create a folder or use the default one created for you.

4. Select the "Upload" link next to the folder and you will see an upload interface if everything checked out.

5. Upload whatever you like and let it finish. You can Drag and Drop too. Once done click "Save" button on the uploader box (bottom left).

(Note: if you upload zip files they get unzipped unless you uncheck the option)

6. Visit your folders again and browse the file you have uploaded.

7. If it's interesting feel free to post/link here or anywhere you think you have had issues with bandwidth, removal or downtime



 I appreciate your feedback, negative or positive but constructive. Note that I have accounts in there that have been operating for almost 3 years without issues. However I do not want a huge spam of users. Once the system is at a comfortable limit I will close the sign up until the capacity allows it. 


About Capacity: The limit is only on the cost of storage and upload system. The system can deliver unlimited and unrestricted with 100% uptime.


Here is a sample upload 



GLHF & Thank you

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