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Racemenu profile corruption.


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I am having a weird issue with race menu.  Specifically the xpms plugin body sliders.  


More specifically the breasts are different sizes. When all breast sliders are moved to the default 1,  one is considerably larger than the other.

When I reduce all breast sizes to zero they appear to be the same. I have tried this, then saved to a profile slot but when loading the same slot or merely opening and closing racemenu, tho the breasts still appear equal, when I check the relative sliders one breast (the right i believe) will be 40 or 50 units bigger on all associated sliders. 

This is having knock on effects for havok and clothing/amours.  Collision doesn't work correctly and changing from nude to clothed balloons the chest to twice the size.

I am using UNPB HDT body. 


I really want to keep the profile as the face is exactly as I want it. Is there a way to reset  just the body or just save the face to profile?



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