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Bounce during Sexlab not Working: Dammit, I know someone has the answer!


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So I did a clean install.  Same problem.  No bounce in sexlab animations.


Breasts and butt WILL bounce when swapping positions during animation, but once the animation itself takes over, zero bounce.  Also bounce works at all other times I've noticed except during blacksmithing animations.  So, what seems to be happening is that once a scripted animation takes over, HDT goes bye-bye.  Why?


My body was installed in this order:

1) UNP basic

2) ragdoll and force

3) Groove's Skele

4) HDT preg body

5) Hdt extensions (all kinds here just to try - also tried with and without replacing Groove's HDT skeleton)


Once again, bounce works fine EXCEPT during the animations themselves.


Given that there have been multiple posts buried in threads concerning similar issues, I know people are fixing this.  The only problem with said posts is that specific answers aren't given.


Please advise.


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Thanks, never understood that load order would have anything to do with PC bodies.  Regardless, I installed MO and reinstalled the skele, and this worked.


Thanks.  Now I have a bigger issue, but that is a different post.

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