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The only workaround I found to reset the engine automatic pickidle when it glitches and stops working after a script call, conceiled behind a funny sneeze. This is mainly intended as proof of concept for animators and modders in general who suffer of this glitch (i.e. this and others on Nexus).

M/F random sneeze sounds added for fun. The slight graphic glitch during the sneeze seems hardcoded and impossible to be bypassed (not the shake effect, that's an IMOD added by me. I mean the camera flipping 180 degrees very fast for 2 times). Can be invoked in game via X key held for a couple of seconds. Requires NVSE version 4+.



This mod can be considered free for non-commercial use only - please credit the deserving, when deserved - Any mod that contains any assets from this mod MUST SHARE the SAME policies. There are NO exceptions for this: if you don't like this rule, don't use this mod or any of its assets. Instead, if you can stand to my will and you understand that my main purpose is mods diffusion, feel free to do whatever you want with this mod and PM me if you need some help, I'll be glad to help you.


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This is hilarious. I was reading an article not long ago about "sneezy" coding.. So I find this especially funny that you made a Sneeze mod to fix sneezy coding. Although I'm not sure if this is mod developer or game developer's sneezy coding.  :D

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I had to google a bit to understand the real meaning of "sneezy coding". If I got it, well, I agree the coincidence is pretty hilarious :)


And... about that second point, when I found this "workaround" I thought if it was mod developers being sneezy... until I found examples of this inside vanilla too. Sometimes I wonder if they ever noticed this glitch, it's very hard to notice if you are not making some specific mod that uses a lot of animations, and vanilla is usually pretty moderated when it comes to animations

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