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NPC mods not working


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I've got an issue with the RCOTS mods. I've downloaded practically all of them, including the mega hair, mega eye, immersive armour, HDT Hair, 1,9Skeleton(Female), 1.9 HDT Beta, FriendChildren 1.9, Female Child Voiceset.


My character is great, works fine. However, there are no vocal sounds, not even when swinging a weapon. Total silence. And, this is the most strange.....every single NPC kid is still stubbornly vanilla. Clothes, hair, face, everything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled all the mods, but to no effect. I don't really want the armours and clothes (there are some quest essential items which are actually invisible, which sucks). But I want to use the face/hair etc to make the kids look a bit better and less 'lumpy' in the face...What am I doing wrong/missing? Thanks.

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I looked and at the top it has a voicepack download both male and female, also I don't know how he set up the races but when I see the voice file it is femaleeventoned and i know there is alot more than that but he may of set all the races up like taht I am not sure.


and depending on what child npcs are there or added by other mods you'll have to get patches, to check make sure you're talking to a kid npc you know is vanilla.

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