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Springcleaning problems

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Hi Hi


I was in the mood of ok lets clean up my Safes a bit again.

so i did got rid of the most mods i used(with mod organizer)

everything looked like i worked fine just till i met the fear bear -.-

he stood still and it did look like an FNIS Problem so i did checked again with FNIS it said ok everything is fine but the Problem still was their

i also reconiced that everytime i Close skyrim now i get an error message like critical error of skryim and then is my pc like frozen for 30s - 1min

thats was like ok lets check my logs and then next suprise they was like 200kb big and so much was in it i was complettly confused


I know it doesn fit 100% in here, but so far you where the most competent People for such Problems ^^


since everytime i tried to use Spoiler Thing made my browser Crash i hope it is ok if i add the log as attached file


Thank you for the help already


best regards


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