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Could anyone please convert this hair from Ling's to Skyrim?


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Hey everyone! I posted a request about a week or two ago in the "Where can I find...?" threads on both the adult and non-adult boards (a couple of days apart), but no one ever replied. Basically, I was wondering if there was a conversion of the Mint Short hair from Ling's Coiffure (as it is my absolute favorite), but after hours upon hours of looking for it on my own as well as a lack of replies on both threads, I've come to the conclusion that it either doesn't exist at all or hasn't been made public (though the latter is also doubtful because I haven't seen any pictures of it).


I've looked up some tutorials, but the primary ones I've found are for Oblivion, and I'm not entirely sure how relevant they still are. In all, I don't want to break my Skyrim seven ways to Sunday (because that has a tendency to happen to me decently often), so if someone could do this, I'd be very grateful. I'll include the .nif file as well.



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I see that the hair has 14 downloads. Is anyone working on this? I could do it; I just haven't seen a guide specifically for converting hairs from Fallout to Skyrim, so I'm not sure what to edit to make it work properly. I know it involves the use of Blender, Nifskope, etc. but I've only ever done (very) minor edits in NS and I've never even touched Blender. If someone would be patient enough to guide me through the process or shoot me a link and provide troubleshooting, I'm sure I could get it working.

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