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An idea for a mod - Need feedback


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I have an idea for Skyrim mod. And I need feedback from you guys.

In case, you couldn't figure it out.


The mod has to with treasure and loot. And to some extent, aims to improve lockpicking by making it a llttie harder,

more rewarding and a lot less strenuous.


Having invested several hours into Skyrim, the sight of a master lock has never had me say 'Oh, there must be something very valuable in this chest'. Most of the time it forecast extreme stress, and unbridled rage, going through tens of thousands of lockpicks. Needless to say lockpicking in Skyrim was poorly done. The only kudos it gets from me is that you don't need to be at a specific skill level to pick locks. But that is equally annoying but on a wholly different level.


The mod idea is;

1) Allow lockpicking regardless of skill level but make failure more impactful:

This means you can pick any lock, however, if you fail, you will get no more chances. You will auto-pick once you get to a certain skill level. But till then you risk shutting yourself off further attempts.


2) Provide alternatives:

Various concoctions, bashing, even magic will allow you to get through locks. But will have risks and/or restrictions of their own. All locks up to expert can be easily melted with generic conconctions. But expert locks and master locks will be a little more involved and has no effect on new lock-type unique locks. Depending on your melee weapon skill, you can bash any lock but you risk chance of destroying what's inside depending on what kind of waepon you use. This can be countered by your lockpicking (or equivalent) skill. Spell schools conjuration, destruction and alteration all have their own ways of getting through pesky locks. Be freezing the lock, then smashing it, ripping it clean off using magnetism, or summon dremora scamps to pick them for you without costing you your mental health.


3) Stay away from me booty:

Lockpicking is only half of what this mod will aim to achieve. Now that you have complex system it only goes without saying that you will need a reason to check inside every single chest you find. And this is where booty comes in. Never again will you go through a master lock and say 'oh, it only had 10 gold' All locked or unlocked chests will have a certain amount of gold in them. Obviously, the more complex the lock, the more gold there will be. And that's not all. Every locked chest will have randomized loot in them. Spell tomes, armors, weapons, gems. Anything you can imagine.

No. A naked woman will not pop out of the chest and make mad love to you. Don't ask.



4) Unique treasure, more funtionality for lockpicking books and even more locks:

Not all locks can be picked with a poverty lockpick. This will also introduce a new type of lock called unique locks. When you see these locks, you know whatever it is that inside this chest is more than worth your time. The only bad news is they will require specific mechanisms to open them. You can learn what kind of mechanism you need by examining the lock or finding a book about it. The chances of mechanisms' success lies on how much you know about locks. Which will go beyond your own experience. Every book you find (and read!) will increase the chances of the mechanism by a flat 10%. You will have a 50% chance of unlocking by default. So this one is independent of your skill with locks or even smthing. All you need is a thief's toolbox. And let us assume you found one such lock, made the mehanism and it opened. What do you expect to find within? Every unique lock will have at least one piece of a masterwork armor, huge amounts of gold (ranging between 1500-4000), almost always at least one flawless gem (can be diamond, can be sapphire), and on a rarer chance a master level spell.



So these are my ideas for a new booty overhaul. As always, do not be shy to express your thoughts, your feelings on such a mod. I would be more than happy to brainstorm with people who can help make this mod go forward.

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