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Devious Devices - PSB_2.0 - Bodyslide problems

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Problem: certain parts such as piercings are not visible at all, as well as clipping issues with others such as harnesses.



I have recently updated the body to PSB and use a custom created nude form through bodyslide.

From what I am able to read and understand, I have to individually convert the armors etc to the psb body. Is that even correct?


Though I tried it yesterday I did not seem to work. 


I loaded the nif of the piercing with psb as the reference body.

I adjusted the positions of the 2 parts and reconnected them.

Then I saved it. 


I am inexperienced with bodyslide so it could easily be a user error.

I downloaded and read through Bodyslide for dummies and tried to follow it, even watched the youtube that is linked from the pdf, but some questions remain.


Do I need to add the slider values from the custom nude form? if so how?

The saving process is still unclear to me what I have to do exactly.


English is not my main language, but I hope I could communicate my problem.



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