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I've got this bug where random screenshots are being placed in my common/skyrim folder.


I use MO, I set both the profile INI, the normal Documents/mygames/skyrim INI & the SteamApp/common/skyrim Skyrim_default INI files all are set to bAllowScreenshot=0

I use Realvision ENB which has in enblocal a setting of KeyScreenshot=44 which I set to 0.


It still is taking screenshots, I cant figure out why...?


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Thanks, but I'm using the ENB 266b version that doesn't have the sweetFX

It takes about 10 screenshots per hour, more an annoyance than anything, its pretty strange.

Pressing PrintScreen doesn't take a screenshot & having doubled checked all skyrim files that all are definitely set to bAllowscreenshots=0

So, it must be the ENB doing it, just cant figure out why :(




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Just a heads up, for anyone whomever might get this problem.

I found out what was causing this, even though I'm using the wrapper version there was an injector.ini file in common/skyrim that has key_screenshot= which I set to 0

result, no more screenshots :)

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