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Captured Dreams quest 2 - Thalmor Embassy issue


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I need help. Big time.


The quest given by Master, to go see Elenwen isint working properly. It starts off OK, i can get to the Embassy, i can also get into the Embassy, and all the way up to Elenwen's room (Granted with a bit of effort on the form of having to reset player Idle once when Elenwen commands you to strip, and again in the transition between the entrance and the Solar.) But then everything just goes belly up. The scene starts, the dialogue plays but when the sex scene is supposed to begin all i get is a notification on the upper left corner "Start Elenwen Sex" and nothing happens.


I've already identified (Thanks to other threads) this as a problem with the Script. But i lack the skill and the knowledge to actually fix this myself. PLEASE can someone lend a hand with this?

Naturally i have all the required mods installed, and have their latest versions.

Sexlab Framework v1.59c
Captured Dreams Shop v3.84
DD - Integration and Assets both at v2.9.0

DD - Expansion v1.2.1
DD - For the Masses v2.8

As well as Sexlab ZZZ, Submit and Random Sex and Matchmaking, all at their most recent versions.


Please. What am i doing wrong? Is it the load order? Script error? (Like i suspect) Mod incompatibility? Something has to be breaking the mod now, and i dont know what. Which is a crying shame, because i really love the quests and the mod itself.

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