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Patchus Maximus - Putting together a Blocklist


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I did a quick search about what should or shouldn't be added to PaMa blocklist but did not come up with anything concrete. Can somebody shortly list what should be added?


And is patchus maximus inclined towards CTDs depending on how many plugins it processes? And does it apply to ReProccer, as well?

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I would stop using SkyRe + Reproccer and stick with Perkus Maximus ( I already use Maximus). Also dont ever use Reproccer with Patchus since Patchus does what Reproccer does but BETTER.


As for Patchus Maximus being inclined towards CTD depending on how many plugins it processes I dont understand what you mean, but what come to mind is this :


Are you talking about :


Null Pointer Exception (Appears when an error/problem happens)


Java Run out of heap Space (Appears when Patchus Maximus crashes due to the limited heap space it uses, this can happen if your load order is huge)


If its the "Null Pointer Exception" then read this (copied directly from the mod's page): ( I think this is what you asked for )


- If you run the 32 bit version of the bat file with or without Mod Organizer, 64-bit Java has to be uninstalled for it to work
- Run the patcher on a minimal load order (only official esms + Wintermyst) and verify it works. Add mods one by one, and run it again after each addition. repeat this until you get the error.
Congratulations, you found a "bad mod"! Report it on the Incompatible mods list. Go to Skyrim/Data/SkyProc Patchers/T3nd0_PatchusMaximus/Files, open blocklist.txt, and add the mod you just confirmed guilty,


If its the "Java Run out of Heap Space" then read this (copied Directly from the mod's page):


How to fix: Run the patcher via the "Debug - moreHeapspace.bat" file (same directory as patcher). note that mod organizer probably can't run it, as the file assigns more RAM than a 32 bit executable can use. So you'd have to tell MO to increase heap space by a smaller amount than the bat file, which is yours to figure out.

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I mean like making Skyrim crash? instead of itself? And the thing about ReProccer was just to get additional information. Of course, I uninstalled SkyRe when I got Perkus Maximus. What do you take me for? A newborn baby?

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