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Immersive Jobs - Steam Workshop


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Today (technically yesterday) I stumbled upon an interesting mod over on the Workshop. It is called New Immersive Jobs. Its aim is to bring more jobs to Skyrim. In case you didn't know there are jobs other than adventurer or mercenary or legendary hero. While they prove to be the most profitable, they also have a high risk to one's health. So what should a Dovahkiin do when she/he realizes that they are not quite ready for adventuring or to raise some for that bow, sword or spellbook they wanted? They need to get a job. I realized this when I chose 'I want to escape this cell.' option on Alternate Start. And even getting as far as Whiterun wasn't easy. I died like four times on Adept difficulty. I had conquered this game several times. On legendary difficulty with mods like SkyRe, Duel and Ultimate Combat. But you have to understand that I had no armor, no spells, no skill in any weapon and no potions. Just shitty a iron weapon I acquired through console for a false sense of security, some rags and a strong will to live. Even though it was trying, I managed to get to Whiterun and first thing on my mind was I need a job. Sadly, only jobs available in the vanilla are jobs that pay poorly and demand three times as much hardwork (which isn't that different from real life come to think of it). Anyway, I ended up chopping firewood for Hulda in the Bannered Mare. I must have chopped 400 firewood just to get a bow I wanted, some crafting material for arrows and two spells.


I can't deny that I felt pretty miserable having died four times, getting to Whiterun by keeping at least a thousand paces between me and imminent death. Yet all I could think about was I had never played Skyrim in such a way. I mean I had tried it but not like this. I was never forced to pay my keep. Whatever I needed, I looted it off the bodies of dead soldiers but I never had a job in Skyrim. If I saw something at a shop that interested me, I would never get it because I knew that I could just craft it and it would cost me nothing. Well, not nothing considering I lose some crafting material.


While the idea is interesting, I find myself wanting unique scenarios for each jobs in which your actions will have long and short term consequences. Because I don't really want a "Here's something different to do" kind of mod. To me, I will get this when I feel that adventuring days of character are done and she has more than earned some peace and quiet. And sex. So much sex. But that's just horny old me.


It has barely been a month since the mod came out. Show your support if you found it as interesting as I did.

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