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(giant anim only)Player animations working, Giant still plays Idle.

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Hey yall, the topic title says most of it.  Im clueless at to how to fix this.  Every single other creature anim and Human animation works perfectly(well I havent tested every single one, but atleast the 5 ive seen since reinstalling do work)


The giant ISNT doing the classic "T" pose that would indicate an FNIS problem.  


Things ive done:

--checked Sxlbcreaturedeafaults for typos

--checked the giant's FNIS listing for typos

--Tested with brand new game

--tested with extremely minimal load order(only sexlab and matchmaker)


Things Im in the process of doing:

--Tripple checking that there arent any typos

--redownloading the giant anim files and replacing them manually(possibly from dentar's additional pack)

--(last resort) just using dentarr's pack, I beleive they add them aswell and that was how my last skyrim install had access to them (I think)



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Yeah ive tried that, but theyre allready included in sexlab, I tried replacing them with the files straight out of panicforever's resource pack (and renaming) but no luck.  I Have literally ZERO idea what could cause this.  

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Update:  Lurker animations dont register with Dentarr's more nasty critters, gives the (Your spell fizzles and fails to affect lurker) when using matchmaker.  Strange, beause 1: Lurkers have the same skeleton as giants, thus the animations were ported over

and 2: because giant anims do register, but with the player grinding hard and the giant just chillin idle. 


All other More Nasty creatures that use creatures based on vanilla skeletons work....  I have NO idea on this one, because using Mod Organiser I can quite easily start a new game with only FNIS/SKSE/Sxlb/Matchmaker.... I havent been doing any modding since my new installation so I havent been mucking around in the scripts or anything.  Im completely baffled.  Shrug.


Edit: Oh, even tried using the current Alpha version of sexlab, same deal.


Edit 2: does sexlab add any files related to animation anywhere besides the /meshes/characters/xxx/sexlab creaturefolders?(well, and the scripts and the FNIS behavior files, because ive tripple checked those)


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