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Follower is bugged out


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So my follower is bugged out. I dismissed her while I went to do a companions quest with farkas. Ever since then she has been stuck in the companions hall. Doesn't matter what I click she will just lounge around and it is always stuck in the dialogue as if she was my companion, rather than having a "follow me, I need your help" button. I don't have ufo, I have AFT, I tried uninstalling aft as well. I've attached my papyrus log, and I'm not using a custom follower, I'm using Urthgred the Unbroken. 


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She'll be set back to the level you found her at, but you can go into AFT's advanced options through dialogue and tick the manual level up to get her back to where she was. You'll just have to remember to level her up when you do. Or, you can leave her there for a while until she starts to become useless and do it then. 


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