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Expandable Orphanage (Mod Proposal)


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After a while of playing Skyrim you end up with large amounts of loot and therefore with a lot of money. I thought it would be a nice idea to use that money to found a decent and caring orphanage. With a playground, a school, a decent kitchen with a cook, guards etc. Of course this orphanage would require regular revenue for personnel like teachers, chef(s) and so on so the Dragonborn would have even more motivation to kill and loot bandits. I want to do something good for the kids in Skyrim and not just have two of them adopted.


A cool addition would be if you could get Carlotta from the Riften Orphanage to work in your orphanage and take the kids with her so that this unspeakable Grelod can insult, intimidate and spank herself.


Would be quest mod, I know, and much to ask for, but I think there is no mod like that yet, is it?

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