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Custom Bards - Auto play music?


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Hey guys, I need some kind help


I am trying to make a custom bard in the CK, and oh is this annoying. I cannot seem to get him to play instrumental music non-stop. I've tried copying what I could find from existing bards but the most I can get is that you can request music and they'll play, but they won't however play automatically. I pretty much copied exactly how Sven was setup with the markers etc, made sure the cell was public... no dice. Any help is appreciated!


Thanks :)


Edit: Well after hours of trying to figure, following what few tutorials I could find and it still refusing to work I came up with my own work-around. So I'll say what I did here in the instance that someone else has the same issue and is satisfied with my solution. 

Basically all I wanted was the bard to play the lute tracks non-stop, so instead of messing around further with the frustrating bard setup. I went into the audio tab, made a custom piece of audio along with the descriptor and added all 4 lute tracks to it and checked "loop", also lowered the static attenuation (or raised it to 0, if you prefer) to make it louder. I then placed this in the cell where I wanted the bard to play. Then I went and made a custom idle marker, set the animation to the Lute playing idle, I believe it's called "IdleLutePlayStart" or something, and then placed that on the ground. under the audio marker. Then in my bards AI package I told her to only and always use that idle marker (which I made her the owner of so no other npc can use it). And there we go, she plays the lute non-stop, and lute music plays non-stop! 3 hours down the drain when I could've just spent 15mins making up my own work-around... oh well :P. If anyone knows how to do it the regular way properly, I'd still like to know :)

I hope this comes in handy for people with the same issue.

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