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Can't get SOS to work


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So I am starting a new game of skyrim, and for some reason SOS stopped working.  I uninstalled all my mods to start the new game, and then re-activated them.  Since doing so, SOS no longer has the models get naked, instead the underwear is on with no option to remove it.  If I remove SOS from the game and reload, the character will be naked except no schlong will be there (the area will be blank instead).  Does anyone have an idea of what may be causing this?


To fix this issue I took one of the schlong potions, which did not work.  Then I added the SOS actor spell via the console, which did not end up adding the spell.  Any idea guys?

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why did you even uninstall all mods to start a new game? Anyway



First step in troubleshooting any issue (pertaining Actor issues like, hole in hip, undies wont come off, etc), is to go to the MCM > SOS > Player / NPC Settings and click on "SOS internal information". This will retrieve and show several informations regarding Actor/SOS. One is set as self (for the player), the other is targeted (for NPCs). So before reporting any problem ALWAYS use the appropriate option on the Actor having the issue.



Permaundewear (the underwear does not come off)
Symptoms: There is a brown underwear instead of a schlong while nude
Causes and / or solutions: The underwear shows up becouse SOS can't put a schlong in your character or NPC. There are a lot of reasons for this
- you have no SOS addon esp installed or enabled, please install at least one schlong addon
- is a custom race for which you do not have a compatible SOS addon installed. In that case you can force a schlong upon the affected character by using the MCM menu "Player / NPC settings" and select a schlong for him.
- the MCM settings for SOS doesn't allow a schlong for this character


More unlikley but read it anyway (be aware newest version of SoS requires newest skse)


I marked the intresting part for you with


"New game" bug
- No working bending keys after updating SOS or
- Schlong clips through custom armors
- The debug spell outputs a version number that doesn't match the version you installed
- No schlongification message after loading savegame or this message was removed on version 2.05.036
All these are symptoms of the "new game" bug that got fixed in 2.04.005. It's for sure if you don't see the schlongification message (and the notifications are not hidden in MCM)
In order to fix this issue in your savegame the main SOS quest must be restarted. Use the "Restart SOS" option in MCM SOS main menu. This option might be disabled for old SOS installations, in this case do the uninstallation procedure and install SOS again. Just after restarting SOS all NPCs should have been fixed. In case your PC doesn't get a schlong, save and load again.


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