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Mod request/question.


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Been fighting my way though tons of npcs and monsters lately.

Every five minutes during my walks from town to town I get informed of Stormcloaks wanting to rape imperials, or the other way around. Usually the avoid me an I walk through one orgie after another.

Like all deviants who find their prey too willin I now feel like hunting bigger prey.


Spriggans and fire elementals (what not) have female bodies and many animations from humanoid, they can also get tackled down during a fight. Is there any mod that let you grab these "things" and abuse/enslave them for future pleasure?


I think the targetted spell works for the fire elementals and I -thought- it worked for spriggans as well but upon trying it out today when getting Nestlebain (or something such.).


So, is there or anyone working on a mod for males to rape monsters?


Thank you.

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If nothing else, why not add some new alchy items for said adventurs.

Fireproof Lubricant to not take firedamage when doing a flame atronach. Probably fireproof ballgags and what nots as well there.

Smithing a penis enlarger for returning the favors for trolls and giants.

A set of 8 chans to harness a spider for enjoyment.

Make a difference between female and male draugr and do something there as well.

Raping wolves, bears and feral cats I'm not sure about. But hey, everything is fair game I guess.

Oil or splinter protection from violating spriggans.


Probably missed a few and these are just requests/ideas/suggestions.

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