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Hi!Im thinking on starting a new game with this mod Requiem.My question is will it work with the other mods that i like to use.I like to use mods like that tweak combat,like ultimate combat,combat evolved.Other mods that i had made use of during my last playthrough are mods that add more ennemies.Sands of time OBIS and so on.Also i would like to know will it mess up any custom followers or mods like Helgen Reborn.Also i plan to try out XP,a mod that changes the skill gaining system so i can earn xp and spend it for what i like.

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Ultimate combat and ultimate combat evolved will cause balance issues, meaning some things may be OP and others might be underpowered.

Enemies not in the base game should get patched to be balanced by Requiem's Skyproc Patcher.


However, Requiem updates the skill system in a way that will break when combined with mods that require perks to have their normal IDs, like XP sounds like it does.

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