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7B + HDT + Dual steath redux


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I've got a problem with 7base and the above named mods. I want to use HDT together with dsr on a 7B body (The noiral Race).

The problem is only one mod works at the same time.

For example : Installing dsr -> no hdt

Installing hdt -> buggy dsr

Ive found out that the skeleton_female.nif is the reason for that. (Its the .nif from xp32 extend).

When im using the normal xp32 dsr is working.

When im using the extended version dsr isnt working but hdt.


What do i have to do to get both working together? 


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You should be able to install DSR using HDT, just don't replace the skeleton_female.nif...or install the XP32/Groovtama skeleton last after installing DSR, make sure you just use the normal skeleton rig, do not use BBP/TBBP, HDT doesn't need it.


Then use Racemenu to set up your weapon styles, it should work fine.

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