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New to Skyrim Adult Modding, Help needed.

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Okay, so I've purchased Skyrim on Steam, and I have a large number of workshop items subscribed.  I've also started modding with mods found on this site. 


I've downloaded several mods, and most of them say they require: SKSE, SkyUI, and Jcontainers. 


I have a number of others (Attemptedly,) installed, but I can't get them to work with my characters.  In particular, the Sex Addicts mod, but it goes beyond that.  I have a slew of problems, and some assistance would be MUCH appreciated.


The technical issues are as follows:


1:  What mod do I need to have nude players/npc/humanoid characters?  I've got a number of mods to see several different creature genitailia, but the only one I've been able to see is the falmer.  I'd like to come across some nice Argonian/Kajiit action.


2: When I load a save, I get three messages that pop up in this order;

     SkyUI doesn't detect SKSE present.  (Abridged version)

     JContainers Can't load.

     SexLabs can't activate because you have an outdated version of Skyrim. (Again, the Abridged version)

  I've tried to find what version I have on steam, but I'm not having much success.  Is there something I'm missing here?


3: I actually breifley gave up, and uninstalled all the mods I had, save for my Steam Workshop subscriptions.  When I try to load a game, anytime it attempts to save, (be it quicksave, autosave, or manually,)  it crashes.  That is, until I turn on SkyUI.  Is this related?


4: I play with a controller.  I prefer it that way, but even when I have my layout as a keyboard, when I try to activate different controls for the Sex Addicts mod, it doesn't respond.  What's going on here?


5: On a subject similar to the last, Since I like to use my controller, a lot of the controls when using SkyUI don't transfer.  Ex, being able to select myself in order to trade/store items.  This does work when I switch to keyboard layout, but is there any way I can make it so I don't have to?

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