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Messed up textures after exporting .nif from 3ds Max


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Hi everyone I was trying to  edit the meshes of the "Ayane Armor CBBE" because it had some clipping this is what I did:


1. Open 3ds Max 2009.

2. Import the  "AyaneArmor_0.nif" file.

3. Modify the shape until the clipping is gone.

4. Export again as .Nif

5. Open .nif on Nifskope and fix the texture path of each Nitrishape from the "BSShaderTextureSet" section.



But when I open it on skyrim the textures are all glossy and messed up, here is a screenshot of what I mean




Here is the Original Mod





And here are the meshes I modified





Can anyone please help me? I rather not having to use blender or anything else besides 3ds max and nifskope it was already a pain to get the right versions of the programs and the plugins... or does anyone have the fixed version of this armor?

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I can't believe that nobody else has offered any help with this while I was gone - c'mon people :s


this pic should explain - follow the green text after you've removed the shader block from your edited nif (click spoiler to see the pic)




OMG it worked!!! Thank you so much its finally done :D oh and btw that armor of yours looks nice... could you tell me the name of that mod?

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