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Look i am a simple man and i need simple steps.


First i will tell you what i know, that when trying to launch fnis VIA MO i get the locked screen, nothing shows up and back to MO.


I have checked the program files and shows that fnis is trying to run but then executes itself.


please help this is driving me insane.

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I need to know how this problem was resolved if it was, I've even done a clean install and I still can't get FNIS for users to open. I'm not getting any errors from it, it jsut crashes before a window even pops up. I've even tried running it straight from the download file in case it was something happening during the move to the data folder but it still wouldn't open.

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These kinds of errors can happen when  you .NET or Windows installation are defect. Often caused by a virus, or the installation of a "bad" or outdate program. Look in the FNIS FAQ on Nexus for more information.


On top of that you can do the following:

- Check problems with the windows event viewer eventvwr.msc 

- Try the FNIS 5.3 Beta. I made a couple of changes which might have the effect that different windows subsystems are called. Maybe you are lucky. 

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