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Where do I start?

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I downloaded the SexLab Framework sucessfully, SkyUI and the MCM mod menu thing works great. Everything is good as far as that goes. The only thing is that I'm very confused on what I do now. I tried downloading the "Sexlab Submit" mod, but it didn't work out to well. It was extremely hard to figure out, and once I (kind of) got it to work, I ended up getting fucked in the ass (literally) with my clothes on.


How do I go about getting a nude mod/what do y'all suggest? Thank you very much!

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Assuming the only mods you have are the ones listed above and their requirements, then you would probably best be served by checking this site out:





Its a good place to start and make sure you have a good looking nude model that looks the way you want it.



Thank you for the help, I appreciate it.




So I followed the guide you gave me and now my character has some really fucked up lips haha! It's hilarious. Gotta figure out how to fix it now :P




Ok so uh...I have no clue what it causing it haha.




Ok found it...

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