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Texblend mistake !


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Hello everyone !


I did a big mistake, i clicked on Texblend and the auto neck fix just messed up my skin. Now i have a big neck seam. I have backup on my skyrim so i tried to put my backup Textures head and body in my game folder (even the ones in folder called "bretonfemale"). But nothing changed, i always have that neckseam. Please tell me which files the texblend edit.

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here are the files that i fixed (with my backups) :


- femalebody_1.dds

- femalebody_1_msn.dds

- femalebody_1_s.dds

- femalebody_1_sk.dds


- femalehead.dds

- femalehead_msn.dds

- femalehead_s.dds

- femalehead_sk.dds


 + The "femalehead_msn.dds" in the folders like "bretonfemale"


But the neck seam is always there. Any ideas ?

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