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Smoker Friendly! (Consumable Cigarettes) FO:NV


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Don't you just hate how Fallout will let you drink hard liquor and ruin your teeth with illegal chems like Jet, but won't let you puff on a nice quality stick of tobacco? By some crazy act of god other people across the wasteland can smoke, but you can't!!!


Well, now you can fill your lungs with that relaxing tumor causing gas as well!!!




This isn't an invasive mod and makes cigarettes consumable through the use of a few add scripts. It's a very basic mod, no animations, no fuckery with formlists, merchant lists or anything like that, should be quite compatible with everything. All it does is attach add scripts to cigarettes, packs of cigarettes, and cartons of cigarettes to replace the misc inventory item with a consumable item.


I even made it work like you are opening a carton or pack of cigarettes!


Consuming a carton of smokes will replace the carton with 10 packs, consuming a pack will replace the pack with 20 cigs, and consuming the cig is what give you that lung cancer vigor!


Cigs give you a reduction in weapon spread, +1 Charisma and 15 AP points for 2 minutes with a tobacco addiction chance equivalent to that of a beer (0.05).


I've also included a couple cool sound effects ;)

Currently no pipboy images for the items. :(




Issues: Nothing serious, sometimes when buying the misc item from a vendor or transferring from a container the game won't run the script. All you have to do is drop the item and pick it back up if that happens.


Also, when consuming a carton or pack you have to exit the pipboy so the inventory screen can be updated.


And... I forgot to give the consumable items monetary value.




Installation: Drag and drop, simple as that... Merge the data folder.


Smoker Friendly.zip

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