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Breast+Butt Physics working in one game, not in others - help?


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I have a bit of a weird problem. I've got the whole HDT Breast + Butt Physics set up, and finally got it to working for one character/playthrough - even in the sex animations, hurrah!


However, I've also started a new character/playthrough for variety's sake, and it only works half in that game!  My follower (Toccata, the CBBE version) has the breast & butt jiggle when she's wearing regular clothing, but not when she's naked nor when she's wearing armor- that's when she reverts to her default body. All other NPCs have no breast and butt jiggle whatsoever. They do seem to have the big breast big butt CBBE body that I built, but no jiggle, and when they get naked, they revert to their default bodies.


This is what I'm using for mods:


- CBBE Body TBBP v. 3.3.c

- HDT Physics Extensions  v.14.28

- HDT Breast + Butt Physics - TBBP BBP supported - with collision v. 1.4

- XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended v. 2.4.3

- Sexy Idle animation v. 1.0


Anyone have any idea what might be the cause of the problem?



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