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Weird random rape events

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For some weeks I have encountered an interesting and rather annoying problem:

Every now and then when moving along NPCs (e.g. in Whiterun, Markarth, etc.) while passing them from time to time a MCM-window pops up, showing this message:


"An overwhelming craving stops you in your tracks and feeds the lust of your aggressor."

and two buttons: "Submit" and "Resist"

Submit – as most of you might expect – triggers a rape scene.


Resist however still strips my character, unequips her/his weapon (yes, I've tried new games even with male characters. Still keeps happening) and plays that bleedout-idle.


Any Idea which mod might have caused that problem?


To give you a little help, here's a list of the mods I've downloaded / updated since 1st of January:

Beeing Female
Captured Dreams Shop
Devious Captures
Devious Devices – Assets
Devious Devices – Expansion
Devious Devices – Integration
Deviously Enslaved
Dibella Sisterhood
Milk Mod Economy
Pet Collar
SD Plus
Slave of Tamriel
SL Armorous Adventures
SL Position Selector
SL Solutions v.3
Zaz Animation Pack



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Guest Suited Prawns

At the first look nothing sticks out, so id recommend looking through your mcm menus to see if you missed something.

Else process of elimination, disable mods one by one until it stops. 



Maybe someone else will know an answer good luck!

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Pretty sure it's from SD...  Although I can't remember where I read it, but something to do with Sanguine's gift to you making you irresistible to others... I'll update the post if I can find it...


Yep... It says it in the .txt file for SD: (sanguinesdebauchery_English.txt)


"When enabled, Sanguine's Daedric Artifact (labia rings for female, anal egg for male) is bound to the player and NPCs will experience uncontrollable lust for the player."







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