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A new PC


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So i dont know where to start this topic,i hope that t chose the right place.Im thinking to buy a new pc this summer.My question is what type of PC should i buy.My budget is around 1000-1250 $.I need a new pc mainly to play a Skyrim 200+ heavy modded game.With ENB and all that stuff that i have been watching.I probably wont be able to build it myself so i need some tips for what kind of rigs i should look for.You know,do i need to emphasize on the video card or on the cpu and things like that.

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You should build it yourself, trust me you can save alot of money this way. Preconfigured PC's arte mostly overpriced or they put cheap components into them especially for the PSU. 

It isn't that hard to learn and there are many easy tutorials for it. It's like build something with lego. The parts only fit into specific places. 

You can also have a look at Linus Tech Tips. He does great tutorials and explains alot. 

This video for an example will give you a good tutorial even if its not the same hardware and a bit older:


As for the hardware: Ask for it when you want to actually buy and build it. It's still a few months until summer and alot can change in that period of time, so it's pointless to configure one now or recommend stuff. 


i can't tell you which gpu exactly you should be looking for because there might be the next amd generation released until summer. Same goes for the CPU, who knows if intel or amd doesn't release a few new until then. 



One thing you should keep in mind is to NEVER go cheap on the PSU. A cheap PSU could kill your entire hardware if it has a defect. Most of them also don't provide the power they should. unfortunately especially pre rigged systems tend to have such a cheap or extremely oversized psu. For a modern Intel PC a decent 450-550W Psu should be more than enough. Looks a bit different with amd cpu's since some of them requre more than double the power that intels cpu's need. 


I would also recommend to get a good high quality case because you are likely to keep it if you upgrade later. I nice case will be good enough for years and survive some hardware generations. 

And get your hands on an SSD like the Crucial MX100. Once you had an SSD, you never want to be without one again. 

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