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DMRA skin tex problem

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okay, so i have been searching for a solution to this since 2 pm ( is is 10:30 pm at the time of this post where i am). The problems is that it seems my chars texture is a little bit mismatched. The color tones don't match with the rest of the body it seems. It is impossible to make the tones exactly the same, since if i adjust one value in the "showracemenu", one piece of the skin may look fine, but then another piece gets messed up (for example, one side of the back will look normal, but then the other side turns too dark or too light). Starting a new game doesn't fix this. This has only started at noon. i didn't install any new skin re-tex mods. The current body mod i am using is the DMRA seamless option from "HGEC Body With BBB" and using Xenius' custom race, "day walker". Though, if it matters, i did go from DR6 to DR5 since DR6 wasn't very fun and i installed UV2. after removing both mods, the problem didn't go away. Please help, someone. I'd rather not re install this game. Thanks for reading.


PS. i'd upload screens but for some reason after enabling the value in the .ini, the pics don't show up in the Oblivion directory.



EDIT i found a picture of another person's char with a similar problem.



however, nobody answered how to fix the body. instead, he was told how to fix the neck seam (which i don't care about).

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Did you tried reinstalling HGEC Body? Or try installing High Rez Skin Textures for HGEC and overwriting existing textures.


yea, i tried those. it isn't a huge deal since it seems to only affect custom races. it might be a problem with the skin textures for those races. since xenius moved on to skyrim, i doubt he'll do anything about it. i can't fix it since i know nothing about retexturing, so i'll just live with it. "c'est la vie" i suppose.

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