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Sexlab DEFEAT problems and some questions!


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Great site, first time here and everything is easy to understand and find info about. Got most of the mods to work fine with a few CTDs every here and there.


Installed Sexlab Defeat and have been trying to get my female followers to experience the joy of banditry. Sadly even when they knock her down they come for me next, very seldom if at all do they show and sexual interest in any of the poor followers I bring into their midst. I even tried created a female toon and let her experience the same joy as I had planned for my followers and to my amazement they just love her but wont touch the follower, five guys lining up to take turns giving me a ride whilst my follower stands or kneels next to me waiting patiently for them to be done. Sometimes a guy walks up to a follower and points at her but that's about all he does.


Secondly, or thirdly not sure where this numbers. I'm trying to find a slaveR mod, tho I keep getting lost amongst all the slaveRY mods. Thus I wonder, is there a mod that lets you bring home one of your defeated pets and chain her to a wall for future uses? I dont really care if it ruins game completion cuz the jarl of Solitude now spends her time as a pet somewhere in a house/dungeon for the rest of eternity. In short, as I ramble;

"Is there a mod that lets you bring home toons and chain them/lock them to your house?"


Thirdly, fourthly or maybe fifthly.

Is there a male rape monster mod out there? I understand that the beauty of watching wolves rape the bandits or random dogs humping peasents in towns is quite nice. But spriggans and other female creatures out there do deserve a ride every now and then as well, with or without their consent. Not really asking to see our hero humping cows in Whiterun, but beating and violating random female falmers, atronach's, draugrs and what not. They get to rape "our" women, cant we pay them back in kind? And mod like that out there?


Private mailing me is ok, also if anyone would be ok with taking an apprentice that would be nice. Would love to learn modding. Or getting help setting up mods. Or learning new vile secrets along the lines I already wish for from complete strangers. Thank you.

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