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Immersive Wenches Alternative?


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Just wondering but is there a good alternative to Immersive Wenches?


Basically, I just want more wenches in taverns for Radiant Prostitution. 


Problem with IW is that it adds all sorts of bizzare crap I don't need or want which causes all sorts of trouble. Namely, wandering wenches. They get into warzones and start fighting  (or get caught in the crossfire when I'm fighting several dragons at once), and somehow I accidently hit one or two and suddenly every wench in skyrim sees me and goes "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GAAAAWD!" on me. And when that happens I'm pretty much screwed. Even the fix on the nexus page doesn't work.


So Yeah I'm looking for a mod to replace it that adds wenches to taverns... AND NOTHING ELSE.

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