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FNIS error


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Expand the files and right click on the Data folder inside the FNIS package. Select 'Set data directory'.


You Should always install Mods Manually, as described in the post above, with MO. Unless it's an automatic Installer (See Note).

Many Mods are packaged badly and it's best practice to look and see. Looking at correctly installed Mods helps you to know where the files go and MO's not perfect, so checking the files are in the correct folders. Some lazy modders just dump the files in an Archive, instead of creating the folder structure for that file, MO checks for TES Files not Folders, it may catch some misplced files but it's assumed the user is checking as well.

Catching these mistakes, when you install the mod, is much easier than hunting for them later.



Note: Advanced Modding of Installers

Manually making the Installers options into separate Mods, can be a huge space saver on SSD's for rarely if ever changed Mods, rather than using the Installer many times for different configs.

Not worth doing with Mods where you always use the same options (Only one version needed).

Not worth doing for often changed Mods, as it must be done with each version and it can be complicated.

It's well worth doing for Stable Mods where your choices vary with each Profile, you only have one version of each option, instead of many Profile specific Mods with many identical files. You activate only the Mods/options you use in each profile, just like any other Mod.

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