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[CK help request] How to get NPC to run while travel?


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I am very raw in CK so please keep this as simple as you can. 


I want to make a little joke streaker NPC mod using the packages from the Travelers mod:



I am able to insert a naked NPC going randomly from place to place using the package above, which is exactly what I wanted.  However, I'd like my NPC to run instead of walk.  The only thing I can find on Google is to use something similar to the soldier courier script.  I can't and don't want to write script.  I know in console there is a "rm" code but cannot find anything in CK to toggle that.



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Hi, I don't know the mod you mentioned. But in CreationKit for all AI Packages, under the "Flags" tab, there is an option for "Preferred Speed".

You can set it up to: Walk, Fast Walk, Jog or Run.


Thanks for the help.  The packages indeed do not have "Preferred Speed" flag checked in CK so I will try that.  I kept seeing "Run" listed next to "Preferred Speed" in Tes5edit so I assumed the package already has it checked, it turns out that's not the flag selection.


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